Im a stock broker i need leads thousands of them where can i get them ?

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  • when I started trading about 10 years ago...I went with a full service broker because I did not know much about the stock market at all....actually the company I worked for gave me a brokerage firm and a broker because we had a stock sharing plan where we could invest up to 10% of our salary/year and the company would match those shares (which were vested immediately and they looked after the commissions)....sweet deal.

    So I decided to use this broker for other investing. You know I lost money after one year...however if I ignored the commissions I paid on each transaction I was $1000's ahead. What bothered me too was that my picks when purchased through him were better than his picks...That is when I discovered discount trading and never looked back.

    If you had 1000 can you service those customers??? It would be impossible to render proper service to each of them.

    To me..the only way that a full service broker can survive is if they provide superlative service....then word of mouth referrals would be your source of leads....that is how a life insurance salesman builds his stable of clients, though admittedly they don't have to pay attention to a client's needs the way a broker would have to pay to a client's portfolio.

    Your profession will slowly die though I can see a niche for the financial advisor that really makes money for his/her client and looks after their needs, then they would have people coming to your door for the same service.

    Word-of-mouth is the best advertising

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    Yes, the sell order can be done in a few ways. Either as a limit order or as a contingent order. Contingent order becomes effective when a condition is met (i.e. stock gets to a certain price). Or better yet, use a trailing stop with a trigger. The trailing stop will be in effect when the stock price hit your "target" and will sell you if/when the stock pulls back the amount you set in the trailing stop. So if you set a trailing stop of 0.50 with a trigger of 70.50, once the stock gets above 70.50, the order is triggered. Then as the stock fluctuates, when it pulls back 0.50, you'll be sold out at market at that time (or with limit order if you choose to do so instead). For the down side, you'd have a contingency order or a stop loss order. Both will in essence sell your stock should it drop below a certain point. Now as for broker, you can do this yourself for much cheaper than the full scale brokers who charge an arm/leg in commissions. Use someone like ETrade, or BrokersXpress. They have competitive rates and service levels to do what you want. Hope that helps!

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  • I am surprised and yet not entirely surprised that people still want to be stock brokers. No despise, with the online trading became so popular in the past 12 years, a career as a full service stock broker would soon become extinct. 30 years ago, clients needed to find stock brokers. Today, it's the other way around.

    When it comes to lure clients, start with your parents. grandparents, relatives. But I am telling you, your commission charge is going to scare them away. Online trading charges about $8 per transaction, whether it is 1 share or 1M shares. As a stock broker, as the norm, your charge is likely $50 + 4C a share.

  • Even the major brokerages have to distinguish between online trades and broker-assisted trades. Cost differential is huge.

    Unless your commission rates are close to online trades ( usually about $10 or less ), you will not have many clients, if at all.

    Unless you can offer something that online trading cannot - like personal face-to-face service with advice and other stuff. Some folks need the face to face thing to feel comfortable, those would be potential clients.

  • Yes, you can do all of that. It's risky, though. However, it's not called a sell option. It's called a "limit sell order," which is an order to sell a certain stock only if the price is equal to or greater than a given limit. Also, you can have a "stop order," which is an order to sell a certain stock if its price falls to a certain level or below. This is just for security reasons. I think you are confusing an "order" with an "option." An "option" is the purchased right to buy or sell a stock, which means you buy the right. A "call option" allows you to buy a stock at a certain price until a specific day (while a "put option" is the right to sell...).

  • Penny stocks are prone to violent fluctuation (volatility), many people believe that they'll luck out with a stock that will jump from $0.08 to $8 in two weeks. And it's happened. Learn here

    Scour enough investing message boards and you're sure to find success stories from investors who made a mint while "playing the pennies."

    Companies that can successfully make the jump from penny stock to power stock are rare, but when you find them they pay out in spades. Numbers vary quite a bit in the penny stock world, but investors have raked in gains over 1,000% in a couple weeks' time. The real trick is finding the right stock.

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