I’m looking for the headdress that wrestler Scott Steiner uses. Anyone have a site I can buy one from?

It's been sort of described on other web sites as "chainmail headdress", but on most of those sites, they are for women and don't look like Scott Steiners.

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  • Coif: A Coif is a chain mail hood, covering the head, and falling down around ones shoulders. The Coif could be worn alone, but is more commonly worn underneath a helmet as further protection from blows.

    Interesting question ~ gold star.

  • ^co-sign with The Bottom Line I am not saying that Scott forgot the whole technique that he would do back in his heyday but it is very unlikely that Scott will or even could perform like he used too. He is now Big Poppa Pump and he is a main event wrestler now, since this Big Poppa Pump thing is doing good I don't see why he'll switch back to his old move set. I don't think he could do half the moves now anyway, he has a gotten a lot older.

  • Look on E-Bay they have some and Scott Steiner has one signed as well

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