importance of environmental science?

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  • Environmental science is important for economy and welfare of human society.

    It helps us in careful handling of the issues like pollution, overexploitation of natural resources, food security and sustainable development.

    Excessive use of agrochemicals has degraded the environment and has disturbed the ecological balance.

    Environmental science helps us to find ways and means to maintain the ecological balance.

    It demonstrate how man can derive benefits from environment without destroying it.

    It trains us to conserve ours fast depleting natural resources.

    It helps to understand different food chain and ecological balance in nature.

    It directs attention towards the problems of population explosion, depletion of natural resources and pollution and the methods of solving such problems.

  • Why Is Environmental Science Important

  • Importance Of Environmental Studies

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    importance of environmental science?

  • Well, I tend to think more in terms of environmental laws. If you work for a company designing electronic equipment, the company is required to follow environmental laws and it (the company) would be interested in having their processes adhere to those laws or else they would be subject to fines and other penalties. As you know most electronic products contain chemicals and processes which produce chemicals which are hazardous and I think that this would be a concern of any company producing those products.


    1. to sensitize someone and make aware of his/her surroundings 2. so that people can effectively understand issues that have gained international importance such as global warming, ozone depletion, acid rain etc. 3. so that people understand their role and significance in their environment. 4. to suggest, innovate and implement ways for sustainable development. 5. to save the future of humanity at large from extinction.

  • hi!

    environmental science is important to know about the nature ie environment around us ……. we may know about it that it is tree, forest like that but this subject elaborates the importance of it in our life & also its uses….. thus explain us the importance to maintain our nature…..

    lots more………

    keep smiling:-)

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