In a classified balance sheet. assets are usually classified as

In a classified balance sheet, assets are usually classified as O current assets; long-term investments; property, plant, and


Ans. Option 1st current assets, long term investments, property,
plant and equipment, and intangible assets.


When the balance sheet is prepared in the form of liquidity, we
need to start it with current assets (short term investments are
also included in current assets). Then the long term investments
are listed below the current assets section.

Fixed assets are shown on the third position that are generally
known as property plant and equipment. Finally, all the intangible
assets (patent, copyright etc.) are classified in the balance

*Common stock is listed in the liabilities and equity side of
balance sheet.

*Long term assets are the sum of Long term investments and Fixed
assets but we need to show both items separately.

*It is better to use the word 'Property, plant and equipment'
rather than the tangible assets.

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