in a payslip what does net pay mean and total gross pay?

i know stupid question i just need it confirmed

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  • gross pay is exactly what you earned.

    net pay is your take home pay (the amount of gross pay left after taxes and deductions)

  • The total gross pay is the nice amount you see you have earned for the paycheck. It is dated from the previous paycheck to this paycheck. It is normally in a column which lists the gross amount for each and every paycheck you receive.

    The net pay is the amount you are allowed to receive once you deposit the paycheck.

    This is less the deductions from the gross pay. There are pre=tax deductions, and post=tax deductions. Savings plans, such as 401K have pretax deductions, where the amount is deducted from the gross pay before taxes are calculated, therefore allowing the pretax deductions to accumulate savings faster. There are the federal and state taxes. There are healthcare deductions, and life=insurance deductions. Almost all these deductions are optional, except the federal taxes and the state taxes, the Medicare taxes, and some taxes as required by the state. Also, the deductions can fluctuate according to the amount of dependents claimed on the persons W=2 form at the beginning of employment.There may be federal insurance taxes. There are voluntary contributions which can be deducted from the gross pay. Once all these deductions have been taken from the gross pay, the remaining amount is the net pay.

  • Net Pay Definition

  • Gross Pay is exactly what you have earned during your employment.

    Net Pay is what you are left with after taxes and deductions.

    Reference allows you to calculate both… for a few countries which is cool 🙂

  • Gross pay is pay before any deductions is taken out and Net pay is pay after deductions are taken out.

    Gross before any tax or anything else is taken out.

    Net after tax ansd after everything is taken out.

    Net pay is what you take home with you.

  • Net pay is what you get after deductions. (Tax, National Insurance & Pension contributions). Gross pay is before deductions. Total gross pay is the amount since 6th April. Tax is calculated by reference to your total gross pay.

  • Gross pay, is the amount of money you make in a pay period.

    Net pay is the amount of money you take home after the deductions for Income tax,unemployment insurance Etc are taken out of your pay

  • Net Pay is what gets to your bank account, and gross is what is paid before tax, national insurance and any other deductions. Usually the difference is about a third! (unless your earning £35K pa or more.

  • Gross is before tax and national insurance. Net is after all deductions.

  • Gross pay is your earnings before you have paid tax, NI, pension, union fees and other deuctions.

    What’s left is Net

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