In ancient times, how were building materials chosen?

In ancient times, how were building materials chosen?

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  • With whatever was available at the time in that particular region; rocks, wood, mud, straw, man-made bricks. King Solomon brought Cedar from Lebanon and had stone and marble from quarries.

  • Trial and error. This rock work? No? Try this. Depends on the age a bit, ancient History spans a long time.

  • The ancient people chose what was around them, branches, leaves, stones, hide, caves.

  • The same way they are chosen today: strength and appearance.

  • Please add a detail to your answer. Please state what time period you are wondering about.

    Are you thinking just after getting out of cave living or more recently like the 1700s or the 1800s?

    Please also state what geographical location you are wondering about. Thank you so much.

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