In baseball what does IP mean when posted next to players Name? I am trying to learn baseball stats?

I am girl and i am trying to understand baseball and read about stats..please don’t think I dumb..I want to learn more about the game beacause I love to watch please help.

Please explain what all this means..I am trying to read the All-Stars results and I kinda understand but I am not sure Thank You!!!

Billy Wagner, 1 IP, 2 H, 2 ER, 0 BB, 1 K

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  • Since others have already answered your specific question about a pitchers stats, i’ll go through a hitters stats.

    Here is Ichiro’s stats (or “line” as it is sometimes called) from the All-Star game.

    I. Suzuki cf 3 AB, 1 R, 3 H, 2 RBI, 0 BB, 0 K, 0 LOB, 1.000 AVG

    He played centerfield (cf)

    3 AB = 3 at bats

    1 R = he scored (crossed home plate) once.

    3 H = 3 hits

    2 RBI = 2 Runs Batted In (called a “Ribbie”)

    0 BB = no Base on Balls (also called a “walk” — 4 “balls” in one at bat is a BB)

    0 K = no strikeouts (3 strikes in one at-bat is a strikeout)

    0 LOB = 0 Left On Base (after his at bats, no teammate was on a base)

    1.000 AVG (divide hits by at-bats) 3/3 = 1 (or 1.000)

    Here are few great MLB websites.

    The Official Site of Major League Baseball

    The Basebal page at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It has a good overview of the sport.

    The Official Baseball History Site

    ESPN – MLB Baseball Teams, Scores, Stats, News, Standings, Rumors …

  • Billy Wagner, 1 IP, 2 H, 2 ER, 0 BB, 1 K


    -1 inning pitched

    -2 hits given up (a hit is when someone safely reaches base; walks, fielder’s choices, and when a player reaches because of an error are not considered hits)

    -2 earned runs

    -0 people walked

    -1 strikeout

    btw-i think it’s awesome that you’re trying to learn more about baseball because it’s pretty much the best sport ever 😀 if you have any questions, feel free to message me any time

  • IP= Innings Pitched


    ER=Earned Runs

    BB= Walks

    K=Strike Outs

  • It means this:

    Wagner pitched one inning (IP), in which he gave up 2 hits (H) and 2 earned runs (ER). He had no walks (BB) and no strikeouts (K).

    Most of those are straightforward, but earned runs might be tricky for a baseball newbie. Basically, an earned run is a run for which the pitcher is responsible. If a pitcher allows a runner to reach base safely by anything other than an error, and if that run comes around to score – again without the aid of an error – then the pitcher is charged with an earned run.

  • Ip Baseball

  • Billy wagner- name of pitcher

    2 H- the other team got two hits off of him

    2 ER- he gave up two earned runs, meaning he was responsible for two runs

    0 BB- no walks (BB stands for base on balls, another name for a walk)

    1 K- 1 strikeout (no idea why K stands for strikeout)

    the whole line of stats is calles a pitching line

    all in all, not that good for an all star

    ur not dumb, the fact that u watch baseball makes you a lot smarter than most girls i know

  • 1 inning pitched

    2 hits given up

    2 runs allowed

    0 walks

    1 strikeout

  • Innings Pitched- IP

    ERA- Earned Run Avearge (i think i spelled it wrong)

    ER- Earned Run

    H- Hits

    Walks- BB

    Strike Out- K

    in this situation Billy Wagner pitched one inning, in order to get the ERA its two divided by one= two. so two is his era for the game.

    Since your trying to learn Stats here are some on batting

    BA- Batting Avrage

    OPS- On-base percentage

    XBH- extra base hits

    IBB- intetional walk

  • 1 Inning(s) Pitched

    2 Hits (when looking at pitchers’ stats, hits are the hits he gave up while on the mound, not hits that he had at-bat.)

    2 Earned Runs

    0 Walks (Base on Balls)

    1 Strikeout

  • Innings Pitched

    This only refers to pitchers (obviously)

    Also, for pitchers, their stats usually refer to what they allow, not what they do at the plate. For example, in a position player’s stat line, H = Hits. For a pitcher, H = Hits allowed.

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