In D&D 3.5 Can I Leap Attack and then use Momentum Swing (Combat Brute).?

Leap attack requires a charge, Momentum swing needs a charge so that the next attack gets a bonus. Is that possible?

2 Answers

  • Personally, as a DM, I would say no, because you have leaped into the air and landed striking a blow against your enemy, effectively ending your charge, and releasing the momentum you would gain from that charge with your attack on this turn.

    I wouldn't personally because my PCs are devillish bastards who would take that and run, stacking 6 or 7 things that require a charge, and citing this incident as a precedent, demanding that it makes sense and would work. Urgh.

    However, yeah, it's totally up to the DM.

  • Honestly this will probably come down to DM's Discretion. From a logical standpoint it makes sense that you could combine the two, but with a penalty to hit on the momentum swing.

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