In DRAGON BALL Z, how old was vegeta, when his father and rest of the planet was destroyed by frieza?

I am a big fan of dragon ball, and seen every episode and movie made on it. but now i am confused about this particular thing.

when you answer, please mention the episode/movie/chapter as REFERENCE.

6 Answers

  • Vegeta was about 5 in the Bardock movie. It is guessed that Vegeta was about 5 years older than Goku and the Planet Vegeta was destroyed around when Goku was born.

    Here is a website that gives characters ages throughout the sagas, although it cannot be exact because most ages were not mentioned, it is fairly right on:

  • Dragon Ball Z Planet Vegeta

  • Theres no particular reference. Like a fact or anything.... in fact I'm not sure you could pin point most any of the DBZ characters actual ages, its just never discusses it much.

    But from the way he looked I would guess he was 7 or 8.

  • I think he was 7 or 8. i'm also a big fan of dragon Ball Z Episodes. if you want to download dragon ball z then go to this address..

  • I know that he was under 29 because that's how old he was when he came to Earth.

  • No-ones really sure why, but i bet you've asked this question because of Tarble Vegetas younger brother?

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