In final fantasy 12 how do you open the Gate Gigas. Located in the Edge of Reasons plain in the Feywood South

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  • To open the gate, you must summon the esper Belias, the one you fought in Raithwall's Tomb. Once you have summoned him, just open the gate.

  • Final Fantasy 12 Walkthrough

  • If it's the gate I'm thinking about, then all you have to do is summon Belias and then try and open the gate while Belias is out.

  • You must summon the esper (Belias- Didnt remember name first time..).. took me a while too ALSO, my profile has my email so if you need help in the game up to right before the Final Ship let me know.

  • Summon Belias and it will open the door for you. There's a boss near.

  • I have the walkthru for the section your asking about. How can I get it to you? I can email it or do photoshareing on yahoo messenger. Hit my profile and IM me.

  • you have to summon Belis (or however you spell it) ....

    Just go to and get a full walkthrough of the game.....

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