In Final Fantasy IX, Who do I sell the Mini-Cid key item to?

I'm in disc 4 and need to sell all my key items bought at Treno Auction to get Magical Fingertips at the Treno Auction so I can get Excalibur.

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  • Auction items:

    Here’s the auction items list:


    Mini-Cid 1,600 gil

    Rat Tail 15,500 gil

    Doga’s Artifact 10,000 gil

    Griffin’s Heart 6,100 gil

    Une’s Mirror 14,400 gil

    Reflect Ring 18,600 gil

    Dark Matter 16,600 gil

    Madain’s Ring 7,600 gil

    Magical Fingertip 52,200 gil

    Magician Robe 7,000 gil

    Thief Gloves 19,900 gil

    Fairy Earrings 6,400 gil

    Ribbon 74,400 gil

    Pearl Rouge 14,000 gil

    You can learn some abilities from these items. The Dark Matter, lets you learn Odin for Dagger. The Thief Gloves that will let Zidane learn the Master Thief ability so that you can steal everything from anyone. Some of the Key Items that you can win will enable you to get the Excalibur of Steiner.

    Sometimes you get a repeat of items like Magician Robe, Elixir, Madain's Ring, and Pearl Rogue. To get the rarer items you will have to actually buy all four items for the rare items to start appearing...if the items are different the next time you enter in the auction, you're on the right path.

    U dont have to sell the mini-cid to anybody coz its not part of the items needed to be sold in order to get the excalibur. Read below.

    The Excalibur:

    Now, you have to get these 4 Key Items from the Auction House. The Une’s Mirror, Doga’s Artifact, Griffin’s Heart, and the Rat Tail. Now, just sell them to some of the people at Treno (the list is below), and keep on going back to the Auction House until you see the Magical Fingertip. Note also that, after you sell your item to the people, it will be offered in the Auction House again.

    Item Person/Location Price Offered


    Une’s Mirror- Noble (Fat Man) walking near Coffee Shop 15,000

    Doga’s Artifact- Noble at the Synthesis Shop 10,000

    Rat Tail, Griffin’s Heart- Red Mage near the Cafe 25,000


    After getting the Magical Fingertip, go to Daguerreo. Go to the moogle at the second floor near the Synthesis shop then go left to the next area. Here, talk to the old man by the resting place. He’ll ask you if you could give the Magical Fingertip to him. Give it to him and he’ll give you the Excalibur in exchange for the Magical Fingertip.





    To get the best sword in the game, you have to reach the last part at the last level in Disc 4 in less than 12 hours. It may seem impossible but you can do some things to speed up you progress.

    a. Skip all Active Time Events.

    b. Skip FMVs by opening and closing the Playstation cover.

    c. Save your game with moogles only, don’t save in the world map.

    d. Put the Battle Message and Battle Speed at maximum speed.

    e. There is a way to prevent battles, walk a short distance (say, for about 1

    or 2 seconds) and then stop, now walk again. Keep on doing this until you

    reach your destination. But your characters’ level will be compromised.

    The Excalibur II is in Memoria/Gate to Space, and you can get it right afterfighting Lich. On the left column is a hidden save point ("After the battle with Lich, search around to the left and you'll be able to see a save point.") . If you're under 12 hours, the right column will have an !. Get it and it'll show this message:

    To Brother Gil

    Bro, I found the sword, like you told me. But there were two. One of 'em had a lame name, Something II. It was a dingy, old thing with flashy decorations, something you'd probably like. So I went with Excalipur. I'll be back after I find the Tin Armor.

    You'll then get Excalibur II.

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    In Final Fantasy IX, Who do I sell the Mini-Cid key item to?

    I'm in disc 4 and need to sell all my key items bought at Treno Auction to get Magical Fingertips at the Treno Auction so I can get Excalibur.

  • Treno Auction House

  • 1. Neither. I like Final Fantasy VII better than both of them. That said, I like IX more than VIII. Didn't really like VIII. 2. "Emotional?" Uuuh... I guess VIII. Maybe that is why I didn't like it. 3. IX. Squall was a dork. 4. I haven't played Kingdom Hearts yet, so I wouldn't know. My all-time favorite game is Suikoden III.

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