In lacrosse, what do the defense calls mean?

By calls, I mean "hot", "cold", and "you're 2". What do these terms mean? And please explain in detail.

3 Answers

  • When a defensive player calls "hot" that means that if their teammate who is guarding the ball gets beat they are going to slide and stop the ball carrier. Who ever has the 2 ("you're 2") is going to slide to cover whoever the hot person was originally covering. Typically with this two slide system you leave the farthest offensive player from the ball carrier ope,n and give the initial defensive player who got beat time to recover.

    In a man to man defense you have to change who the "hot" defender is when playing against an offense that moves around constantly. The "cold" call is a way of letting the other defenders on you're team know that you're no longer hot because the player you're covering has moved.

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