In Runescape 3, is there any way to skip the tutorial?

Okay, so I started the game several years ago but abandoned the account, but i finished the tutorial from several years ago (the dragon cave thing, not tutorial island). Now I'm stuck on the troll war zone and i don't wish to spend more time doing it so, is there any way i can skip it? Be sure to remember this is Runescape 3

3 Answers

  • Click Settings which looks like a gear icon. Go under Gameplay or Game settings. Under the options listed, there should be one that says tutorial mode. Uncheck it.

  • Before Runescape 3 all you had to do was walk out of burthrope. If that doesn't work you're stuck.

    Just open the map and try to find your way out.

  • I dont think you can. Sorreh~ i know, it takes forever. -__-

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