In Wonderland in Kingdom Hearts, how do you get the chest in the tea party garden?

I went to this help site, and all it said was that you have to go through the exit behind the clock in the normal Bizarre Room to get to the upper area of the Tea Party Garden. But what if I already pushed the clock in? What happens then? Do I just not get the puppies? Someone please help me!!!

Okay apparently I wasn't clear enough.... HIGH JUMP DOES NOT WORK. NEITHER DOES GLIDE. I have both. And yes, there is something valuable in the chest. In fact, I know exactly what it is. It's three puppies: the very last ones that I need to have them all, therefore I have to get them so that I can get Aeroga.

4 Answers

  • There are 12 puppies in Wonderland.

    Dalmatians 13, 14, and 15: Make your way to the Tea Party Garden and head through the door to the Bizarre Room. From here, find the latch on the wall and open it. The newly oƿє-ṅєd door leads to the Queen's Castle area on a hedge where the chest with the Dalmatians sits.

    Dalmatians 16, 17, and 18: In the Lotus Forest, head to the back and jump on the short mushroom. From there, jump left to a tall one, and jump to the chest that contains the Dalmatians.

    Dalmatians 19, 20, and 21: Head into the Lotus Forest and jump up to the mushroom above the fake pond. From here, glide to a chest with an Orichalcum. Enter the nearby door to the Tea Party Garden. You'll land next to the chest.

    Dalmatians 58, 59, and 60: After growing big from feeding the flower a Potion, make sure the branch of the big tree in the middle of the area is facing away from you by hitting it. In the alcove where you found your first piece of evidence, jump up the mushrooms and follow them to a hole in the wall (the one you used to find the fourth piece of evidence). On the wall of the Bizarre Room, hit the faucet to make the pot real. Jump in and you'll end up in the Queen's Castle area on a hedge with the chest.

  • When you enter form the Bizarre Room, take the AEROGA-G from the chest before hopping down. Disembark at the Queen's Castle and enter the Lotus Forest. You can now reach a chest that you weren't able to get before. It's on a mushroom above the fake pond. Jump on the mushrooms in the alcove to the right and use Glide to reach it. It contains an ORICHALCUM. The door nearby leads to the Tea Party Garden. The chest you land next to contains DALMATIANS 19, 20, and 21. The chest behind you contains an AEROGA-G. From here, you can see another chest. Glide to it to get a MYTHRIL.

  • U have to either go through the forest, or wait until you get High Jump from Halloween Town. Those are your choices.

  • i'm pretty sure you either get it from climbing on the table and jumping to it, or going into another room (the one with the really tall trees)

    then again i haven't played for a month or so, but dont waist your time cuz i'm pretty sure nothing important was inside

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