In Yahoo mail how can I send a complete folder as an attachment instead of file by file?

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  • If you're using windows you need to create a zipped folder. If you're using Windows XP, locate the folder you want to attach using Windows Explorer, right click, then select "compressed (zipped) folder". Now when you're composing a message in Yahoo mail, you'll be able to select this as a file to attach (it will have the same name as your folder with a ".zip" at the end

    Good luck!

  • Assuming you are using windows, right click and choose "Send to"->"Compressed (zipped) Folder". This will create a zip file containing the entire folder. Then you just send that file as any other, assuming it's not too large.

  • You can load everything into a zip file using compressed folders, which should come installed with windows, or WinZip, which is a downloadable program, or something similar

  • if you are on a mac using os x. select files or folder, right click or control click, then select "create archive". then mail the new zip/archive file as an attachment. simple dimple 🙂

  • You can not download a folder nor forward it to another email account. So limiting Mr Yahoo.

  • No

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