Increase pressure with jaguar boiler?

I've got a Jaguar combi boiler displaying the F0 error. Its on about 0.5 bar at the moment. There are 6 pipes going into the bottom of the boiler with a silver hose connecting pipes 1 and 4. All 4 taps are at the upwards position. What do I do?

2 Answers

  • The silver braided pipe should be connected to a 22mm pipe at one end and a 15mm pipe at the other. If so, at the 15mm end you should have a valve which will have a plastic handle or a screw driver slot. Turn the valve so that the handle ,or slot is in line with the braided pipe and you should hear the water going into the system and the pressure guage should start to rise. Let it continue until the pressure gauge reads 1 to 1.5 bar then turn the valve off. All should then be well. If you find any rads are only getting warm at the bottom you will need to bleed (let the air out ) them. If you have to bleed them, then turn the boiler off first and re-pressurise the system after. (As explained above) The braided pipe is called the filling loop and some filling loops have a valve at both ends so if you can`t hear the water going into the system chech both ends.

  • Part of the yearly maintainence on a steam boiler is to clean the pigtail that the pressure switch is mounted on. The pigtail can get clogged with rust / sludge and have difficulty controlling accuratley. You'll want to do something about this, trying to keep the pressure below 10psi, 5psi is fine. Running at the higher pressure can shorten the life of the boiler, and cause the pressure relief to blow repeatedly, causing it to fail. It'd also be a good idea to blow the boiler and low water cut off down from time to time to remove any sludge build up. Also wouldn't be a bad idea to dump a can of boiler / rust treatment in once a year. Best of luck

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