Does anyone know what happened to the website. It stopped working last week. Do they have a new location?

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  • I am a fairly regular poster on IA. I do remember an anouncement post stating that the site would be down for some tech work, BUT I cannot remember the dates. Seems to me that a site that gets that many hits a day would have a temporary hit site to inform users of down time. ??? Maybe that’s just me. I am having IA withdrawl.

    the Ricker

  • I am wondering the same thing. I’ve been a member of IA for a long time. If anyone has any information I’d really like to find out what is going on. A week is a long time! I signed up at to see if anyone there knows what happened to IA – because I think there are members there that are also IA folks. But I haven’t gotten my code to be able to post there yet. I don’t see anything on Night_Wolf’s site either.

    I also found this:…

    Someone else asking the same question.


  • Intruder Alert Cafe

  • I’ve seen this website go down in the past due to a server crash. Maybe this is what happened this time. I sure hope so.

    1994 Intruder 800 owner. I’m listed a MadJack in the Intruder Alert forum, although I don’t post there very often. I mostly use it to gather information about my ride.

  • Intruderalert Cafe

  • I’m anxiously awaiting the return of the forum as well. If I see it come back, I’ll post on here.

  • I’d really like it back up soon! I was fixing to dig into my carbs and uncork, and now I don’t have the “cafe” or the “workshop” for references.

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