Irish wolfhounds?

I really dig the irish wolfhound, but don't know all too much about them. I don't need the breed standard cuz i can look that up, but what do u think of them? also, where to find them in AZ?

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  • I think that they're nice dogs. 🙂

    There is one Irish Wolfhound in an Arizona shelter named Kermit. Do you live near Lake Havasu City? Large shelter dogs are usually the dogs that get put to sleep (killed) because more people are interested in adopting the tiny lap dogs.

    There are some large Irish Wolfhounds in shelters near you on this list.

  • Taryn Irish Wolfhounds

  • I have only had an Irish Wolfhound and Great Dane mix. She was a great big, and I mean big, 140 lb gentle giant. At that time we lived in the county on 12 acres so she and the other dogs had a lot of running room. She was a great house dog, she would find a place to lay down and not run around. She was so tall that if you were sitting in a chair and she sat in front of you she was looking you straight in the eye. She loved everyone, one of the sweetest dogs I have ever had. As has been mentioned before it cost a lot to feed them, it cost more to feed her then it the two horses. Dog food cost more then hay and grain.

  • very loyal, i guess. some of them could be a bit towards just one person in a family while others could be a big family dog. they need LOTS of exsursize (i'm sure you knew that) and when they get enough exzursize outdoors, they're usually calm indoors. also, they could bolt off anywhere when seen a rabbit, being huntin dogs nothing could make them stop getting that rabbit, so you should give it a safe enclosure to run around, and not so near the smaller dogs because they sometimes see them as prey animals

    i dont know too much about AZ breeders cus i live on the east side, but there is one in texas. heres their names and farm name:

    Gary and Brenda Fairbanks

    Taryn Irish Wolfhounds

    Collinsville, Texas

  • This Site Might Help You.


    Irish wolfhounds?

    I really dig the irish wolfhound, but don't know all too much about them. I don't need the breed standard cuz i can look that up, but what do u think of them? also, where to find them in AZ?

  • I think they are HUGE, beautiful dogs. I know someone who had them, and they are wonderful. Very sweet-tempered, great with people. Take up a lot of space, for sure, but aren't overly active in the house.

    Unfortunately, they're prone to some serious health problems, and they don't live terribly long, either.

    Find the contact for the Breed Club in your area ( can help you with that) and the person you speak with can point you toward breeders. These are the folks who can best answer any questions you have.

    Wolfhounds aren't too common, though ... might take you awhile to find one. Good Luck!

  • They are seriously great dogs with tons of personality. without getting into the standard they are a sight hounds, so.... when they see something they are GONE!! Those legs can cover some ground!

    They are prone to health issues, bloat being one of the most common. Sensitivity to anesthesia, is a concern when surgery is required.

    They are known as gentle giants, and while they do eat more than a toy dog - feeding PREMIUM food you would fee less than if you got cheap crap corn/wheat filled foods.

    One problem, short life expectancy. Then again none of our beloved 4 legged kids live long enough.

    Check out the breed club below link

    here is the Arizona Breeders. Still check the link, TONS to learn.

    Deborah Mitchell, 520-760-0700

    Audrey Rajec, 602-246-4751

    Casey Kilcullen-Steiner, 520-743-3731

  • i used to have a irish wolfhound when i woz 6 we had to put her down they are gr8 they need a outlet for their energy so you have to take them 4 walks 2 mayb 3 times a day and they need a lot of attention and they grow to be HUGE! so unless you have a lot of room dont bother getting one!

  • Amazing and huge animals. They have the cache of animals that nobility held in Ireland and Scotland. I think they are impressive, but they need lots of space and place to run, as they are hounds. Also their appetite is huge so be prepared for the bills...

  • I absolutely love them they are the best. They are loyal and loving as long as you like a huge dog on your lap. They need lots of love and will be there for you always. Big food bills. But all that is worth it for their personality.

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