Is 180 pounds overweight for a 5’9 male?

Hi i was just wondering is Is 180 pounds overweight for a 5'9 male?

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  • Listen guy, i hate people with Rude remarks when you are trying to find a answer. I will tell you a few things. If you have more muscles, then you will tend to weigh more. Muscle weigh more than fat. I am 5'11 200lbs and i will tell you the majority is muscles. I was a Fitness Trainer in the Military before retiring this year. I know what the BMI says, but it never takes in the fact that muscles will make you weigh more... I hope that helps you..

  • No, I think that's a good weight as long as you exercise regularly. I'm 5'9 190 pounds, but I workout 4 days a week. I'm not all muscle, but I'm decently built. I did weigh 200-210 lbs, and I looked chunky at that weight.

  • Your weight is fine especially if you have muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. BMI is not accurate and good doctors don't use them because they don't take into account bone structure or muscle mass....anyone who is muscular would be considered "overweight" according to BMI even though they are fit and trim.

  • Yes 180 lbs is overweight even obese 160 is heavy ideal weight is 150 for a male 5'9

  • Your BMI is 26.6 which is overweight, however BMI is not perfect and the extra weight comes from muscles and not fat.

    Source(s): National Institutes of Health
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    Don't. Have some fat pride.

  • Well, you look perfect in your profile pic (in terms of weight)

  • It depends on your muscle to fat ratio.

  • Im 5'11 and 175. So your "chubby"

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