Is 24 too old to graduate college?

I'm 23 and I'm a senior in college. After high school, I had a rough start my first couple of semesters at a community college. Then I had to sit out a semester because of financial aid problems, but I finally transfered to a University and got back on track.

My plan was to graduate this summer, but my advisor told me that I shouldn't risk taking a heavy course load in such a short period of time. So now, I have to wait until December. I'll be 24 years old by then. I feel so old because a lot of people I went to high school with are already graduating and are getting good jobs. I'm still at home working temporary retail jobs to get by. I feel like a bum.

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  • Pshh no. Be proud that you're going to finish! A lot of people don't even go to college. Worse yet, some people drop out of high school.

    You are most definitely not a bum, it takes time and effort to get a bachelors degree so be proud!

  • Hello, First of all I would like to tell you that there is no such age bar for education. You can go for higher studies at any period of time. Now these days many students are opting higher education in a mature age like you. So, No problem with the age I believe.

    And if you want to do a job and with that continuing your education process then online study or open university courses will be more suitable for you. Online study will give you plenty of courses with affordable price. You can check here:

    The meaning of education is changing very rapidly. So I suggest you that by going with the flow you must start learning without any hesitation.

  • No that is a fairly normal age to graduate. I've seen very elderly people in some of my classes (40's +.) As the saying goes no matter how old "you learn something new every day." Also a lot of people go through college like this. i turn 21 this and i still don't quite know what i want for my future. my top 5 possible career interests are culinary (cooking), acting, high school teacher(any subject, but math), detective/forensics officer, or author.

  • nononono.

    I have people in my junior-level courses who are your age and older.

    24 is a completely fine age to be graduating at.

    Besides, even if it was too old, were you just gonna stop going to school? No use in thinking it's too old. 😛

  • 24 is actually a pretty decent age to get out of college

  • Absolutely not. Your employer may actually benefit from your maturity.

  • -No Way !! The Important thing is TO Graduate ! WHEN You do it- doesn't matter. 🙂

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