Is 75 degrees fahrenheit cold?

The high is 75 and the low is 66. My phone says it going to be cloudy all day. Should I wear tights with my dress?

11 Answers

  • Not at all. 70-72 degrees Fahrenheit is room temperature.

  • That's just about perfect weather, a bit cool at night, and pleasant during the day. There's no need to wear tights, but if you'd like to, they'll be comfortable and not too hot.

  • Temperature wise no. In the spring if the sun is out and it's 75 I'd be in the backyard sunbathing.

  • Nope it's warm. Not too hot or cold 🙂 I wish it was the same here but sadly it's 98 🙁

  • I think 75 F is mild to warm. I would be wearing shorts & going barefoot.

  • No it's f*cking hot.

  • it's fine

  • in florida its ok. once it goes below 70 yes its chilly.

  • Not necessary

  • Wear dress that is enough:-O

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