Is a Donna Milano Hair Straightener a Good Brand?

I'm currently using a Revlon Hair Straightener to straightener my hair at least 3 times a week but I really don't like the Revlon because after I'm done straightening my hair all of my hair is frizzy and it takes a long time to do my hair. So, I'm thinking about buying a Donna Milano hair straightener because I heard good things about this brand, but I just want to get some more advice before I spend $250 on the Turbo Pink. Thank you

4 Answers

  • I have been using the Donna Milano turbo pink hair straightener for the past 6 months and it's SO GREAT. I have curly hair and I can straighten my hair so FAST and prevents it from getting frizzy. It was a big purchase for me, but worth every penny. I'm actually saving up to by another one for my sisters Birth Day.

  • Hello Dear,

    The Donna Milano Hair straightner is good but not as good as the Karmin G3 Hair straightner.The Karmin G3 hair straightner it's the only hair straightner that make my hair last completely straight for a whole week.The Karmin G3 Hair straightner has tourmaline ceramic plates that helps your hair from being frizzy and poofy.One pass through your hair is enough to maintain it completely straight. It great, go purchase it online.

  • Chi Flat Iron Turbo

  • We use Donna Milano styling tools at the hair salon I work at. We used to use chi flat irons and curling irons, but we had too many problems with chi. After we switched to the Donna Milano hair straighteners and curling irons we haven't had any problems. I personally use the Turbo Z flat iron and I love it, some of my coworkers use the Turbo Pink and they love it too.

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