Is a paypal money adder for real?

Is it a real working software & legit to buy off paypal worker's huh?

37 Answers

  • Use common sense here. Do you really think there is a program that will magically "hack" Paypal to put money in your account? And even if there was, would anyone share it? Do you see how many shady websites offer downloads for this program? Don't you think Paypal, which moves millions of dollars around every day, might have heard of this and made sure it can't work?

    If you wanted to infect PCs with a virus, or a keylogger, or spyware, what is the easiest way to convince people to download and install it? Maybe promise them free money? Or what would be a good way to convince people to send money to someone they don't know and can't locate after they find out they got cheated?

    It's a scam.

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  • Free Paypal Money Generator

  • Paypal Money Hack

  • Even if you do Try to go through with the paypal money generator it will freeze its proxy and tell you, you need to verify that you are not a human. But once it says that, like monopoly, you will not pass go... it just tries to trick you into signing up for companies that want your information to pesture you. IT WILL YOU ASK YOU TO VERIFY THAT YOU ARE HUMAN. BUT IT WON'T REALLY GIVE YOU ANY CHANCE TO MAKE MONEY

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  • Wow, just look at all these utterly INCREDULOUS comments, notice how they're all almost identical? How they're all almost begging you to go to their link? Why the hell would people put so much time into getting others to do this thing if they were rich already. Some people are stupid and gullible. There is no such thing as free money, you're living in a fantasy world if you believe this could ever work. Look at "paypaladder scam" on google, plenty of good results telling you why this is utterly preposterous.

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  • There is no such thing as a 'Money Adder, In case you haven't noticed, all the files above are behind a Survey.Why is that???? They want to earn from the surveys!!! Half the files are blank,gibberish files while others are immediatelly detected by my antivirus to be Trojans/Win32generic adware/Worms.|Dont get fooled.

  • none of these work think about it if it really did people culd quit there jobs the only way to take money from paypal is sell something on ebay when you get the money send a different item like a quarter or something works great that way guaranteed money

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