is a woman 5’5″ 130 lbs considered slim or average, or heavy?

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  • average to slim. It really depends on muscle tone and bone structure.

  • Depending on her build, big boned or petite, she could be considered anywhere from slim to average, but not heavy. She would be a beautiful woman!!

  • That's a healthy weight for your height. Compared to the average American woman, it's more toward the slim side.

  • Based on Body Mass Index (BMI) that's on the mid to low end of average. It all depends on muscle mass to fat mass ratio though. Someone who's 130 pounds of muscle could look tiny, whereas 130 pounds of of fat may look larger, since a pound of muscle is almost half the size of a pound of fat. Also, it would depend on body shape. For example, someone who's hourglass shaped may look slimmer than someone who is pear or apple shaped, since the weight is more evenly distributed. In any case, 130 pounds for someone 5'5" is not even remotely heavy. 🙂

    I hope this helps, take care!

  • It all depends on your muscle mass and body frame. Before i got pregnant i was 5'6" and 130. People said i looked like i weighed about 110. Now i weigh 150 and people say i look like i weigh 130. Id say Slim or Average depending on body frame and muslce.

  • .the ideal weight for ur height is 125,130 is still good,the formula is 100 lbs for the first 5 feet,5 pounds for every inch 5.5=125.if u are over 30 or have had a baby,the extra 5 lbs is u are average.

    Source(s): former nurse
  • Determining this is partially dependent on your age. At your height you are at most overweight by 3-5 lbs.

    Depending the time of day (or in your case also the time of month) your weight can easily fluctuate between 3-8 lbs

    So.... darling.... your beautiful! Don't stress

  • It all depends on your body type. I can tell you that the height and weight you list is probably what a lot of women would be envious of, I think it sounds very balanced. Again, every one is different, proportioned differently, etc., You definately are not heavy!!!!

  • healthy

    5'5", 130 lbs.

    Your BMI score is: 21.6

    A BMI score of 18.5 to 24.9 indicates you have a healthy body fat ratio. Remember to keep your healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising

  • I'm the same height as your and 128lb and people call me slim. So I'd say that you are slim too.

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