Is Andy ᗪıc̫ҡ related to Tim Allen?

I read someplace that Tim Allen's real last name is ᗪıc̫ҡ and he bears a resemblance to Andy, so are they related?

5 Answers

  • Andy ᗪıc̫ҡ:Son of adoptive parents Allen and Sue ᗪıc̫ҡ (both deceased). His biological mother's last name is Thomlinson.

    So if he is related to Tim, it would be through adoption, and any resemblance is coincidental.

  • Tim Allen Siblings

  • I don't think so. Andy ᗪıc̫ҡ is adopted, anyway.

  • i don't think he is

  • Yes, but both their names were shortened from the original "D!ckhead!"

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