Is Asrock AM2 Boost safe?

I have an Asrock N68C-S UCC AM2/AM2+/AM3 DDR2/DDR3, and it has an "AM2 Boost" feature in the BIOS. It says it can boost my processor's performance by up to 12.5%. I have an Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4000+ Brisbane 2.1ghz and I just wanna know if turning on the AM2 Boost feature is safe.

I have a DeepCool Beta 200ST to cool my processor and 1 80mm fan and 1 120mm fan on my case. The average processor temperature I got when I enabled it was 55 degrees Celsius. Also when I turned it on, I got 2.4ghz instead of 2.1ghz. So is this safer than overclocking it manually?

Link for the motherboard:

And also, can anyone tell me if I can unlock extra cores for my processor? If I can, can anybody tell me how?


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  • A manual overclock is always better, but this is just a basic overclocking. It isn't safer or anything, but to be honest such a small overclock is useless. You wouldn't notice much performance difference and it creates more heat, reduces the lifetime and voids the warranty.

    It is safe to overclock, but such a small overclock wouldn't make a difference. It also uses "stock" settings, which means it uses overclock settings which will work for every single chip since every chip is slightly different in quality when manufactured.

    Your motherboard is the UCC version, which has the core unlocker feature. If I can remember correctly, the X2 and X3 chips are actually X4's with core(s) disabled. X4's are X6's with the cores disabled.

    The core unlocker feature should be in the BIOS.

    Remember, the unlocked cores may not be stable. Theres a reason why they were disabled in the first place. If its unstable, try adding a bit more voltage and always run a stress test for several hours to prevent random system crashes. If it crashes, increase voltage a bit more and if it doesn't help then the core(s) are likely faulty.

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    For athlon processor its a very good CPU, as it has internal over clocking system. Also it has hybrid graphics of Nvidia. So i guess, it will make a good mother board. However, it does not have PCI 2.0 graphics slot. So when you buy your graphics card, make sure its PCI express which is within X16. Good luck assembling:)

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