Is Betty White Immortal?

She has to be at least 165 years old

5 Answers

  • It's all the preservatives from the foods she eats...

    Source(s): "A woman in Britain said that her pet goldfish survived for seven hours in the open air outside of his tank, which is a world record — for goldfish torture. In the fish world, that's known as 'airboarding.'"
  • Just like the Queen of England, they will last a nearly infinite amount of time. To be precise, at least until the universe begins to fall apart and existence as we know it will no longer be suitable. They both have contracted Methuselah Syndrome, which allows you to never die.

  • LOL. No she's like 80 something.

  • lol. I was thinking the same thing!

  • lmao i hope so, shes funny as hell

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