is bird poo good luck?

my partner’s, boss was pooed on and believes it’s ment to be good luck, me and my partner have never heard of this is it true?

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  • It’s only good luck if he eats it.

    Just kidding.

    I have heard of this too. It comes form an old belief of taking a negative, like being pooped on and turning it into a positive, like it’s good luck.

    If it makes him feel better about himself, what’s the harm. As long as he cleans it off before the end of the day and does not treat it like a snack.

  • I had a friend who went to South America, and a local bird called foufou pooed on her head. The people she was staying with said not to wash it off as it would be bad luck. I guess, if the fou shits, wear it.

  • Bird Poop Good Luck

  • Well my grandpa told me that when birds poo on you, (or your car) it’s good luck because they specifically picked your car to poo on, so apparently the birds think you’re ‘special.’ I guess… ?

  • ya its meant to be good luck but the way I see it is that your day is bound to be more lucky after being pooed on by a bird because on an average day getting pooed on is the worst that will happen to you

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    is bird poo good luck?

    my partner's, boss was pooed on and believes it's ment to be good luck, me and my partner have never heard of this is it true?

  • That’s what my parents told me too. It is said that when a bird poo on you, out of so many people around you, it chose you, that means you got luck in you. Although that have happened to me, I never got lucky anyways.

    can someone answer mines?;_ylt=AgyBO…

  • LOL @ alwaysrongneverwrite! No, I am not familiar with any superstition concerning lucky bird poop, and I have studied LOTS of superstitions! Here’s a link for real bird superstitions, if you’re interested:…

  • Very old wives tale suppose to bring good fortune

    and luck to the person who has received the birds little gift”

  • It is part of folk culture superstition. One of my grandmothers, who was from a little village near Napoli, Italy, believed this.

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