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  • They are considered worse…

    They are more like cigars (tightly packed so more tobacco and not filtered).

    The safer cigs are the ones with less chemicals like all natural tobacco (theres a natural brand out right now thats easy to find with an indian chief on the front)

    If you smoke and cant quit and worried about the health side effects, i can tell you a way to keep smoking that’s NOT bad for you at ALL.

    Dont know if you’ve heard but there are electronic cigs out there now. My husband uses them.

    Wanna know the pros?

    – They feel just like a real cig (not just the oral and nicotine fix but the way you hit it and the way it feels in your lungs)

    – They give off a lot of smoke (it looks/tastes/feels like smoke but it’s actually just water vapor)

    – They smell like nothing (literally) so you wont stink

    – They dont rot your teeth (or stain them)

    – They are 100% cancer free (seriously)

    – They still give you your nicotine fix (they have different dose amounts… depending on how much you want per hit you can get lites if you smoke lite cigs or if really concentrated ones too)

    – It’s CHEAPER than smoking cigs (they have calculators on the websites where you can see how much youll save per a given time period… it’s usually enough to buy a house)

    – You can smoke them ANYWHERE (on the airplane, inside stores, at the gas pump..etc it smells like nothing and is legal). No going outside in the cold or cig breaks.. smoke at your desk, inside..anywhere and no one will know.. they will see the smoke come out of your mouth then dissappear a second later and you can blow it in their face and they cant smell it!

    – They have 1000s of flavors to choose from (from Marlbaro to menthol to strawberry to wood to champange..etc)

    – They are a great conversation piece

    – The variance in appearance (you can either get one that is identical to a cig so no one knows you have one… it looks like one and has a fake cherry that looks very real when you hit it the way it lights..etc, or you can get a cool one that is all black and has a blue cherry in the front instead..etc)

    – There’s hundreds of brands to choose from. You can even get one brand for the best base and then get the cartridges from another company that fits your base that are cheaper and have better flavors.

    – They make you FEEL a difference. You will live longer, cough up all this black stuff that you didnt know was there, feel like you can breath better, have more longevity whether its a flight of stairs or in bed 😉

    Now if anyone’s interested… My husband went through like 4 brands (Smoke Everywhere, Blu, SmokeLess, Luci..etc) before he found what he wanted… He wanted a cost effective one that made the most smoke and tasted good and gave him good nicotine amounts and looked realest. The brand he finally found has an atomizer in it that is different than some other brands because it goes throughout the entire cartridge so the taste and smoke amount is consistent. The BEST atomizer base you can find out there without spending thousands is the brand FiftyOne.

    Seriously people it’s 100% healthy AND cheaper AND more convenient. Do it for yourself and if not yourself.. your friends and family and children that care about you. If you can’t quit, switch! PLEEEASE!!!

    I lost 5 loved ones to smoking and I’m only 25 (one was my grandmother who was my best friend).

    I have talked 16 people that I know (family, friends, coworkers) into switching and they all love it and are so glad they did (and so is everyone around them).

    Okay ill stop ranting for now.. just hope I got at lease one person to look into it because it’s so worth it! (worse case scenario you dont like it and only use it when you are inside or can resell it for profit or give it as a gift!)

  • Well, you’re NOT supposes to inhale Cigar smoke to begin with, and since Black and Milds are in that category you’ve done it right. It’s not necessarily worse for you, but it doesn’t matter, this isn’t a case of which is a lesser evil, they’re both bad and both carry risks. However, Cigar’s tend to have a higher nicotine content being stronger then cigarettes, even if it is only in your mouth, the nicotine is being absorbed from the smoke.

  • 5 strong cigarettes. It’s harsh on the lungs, just like any other processed factory tobacco products. If you want a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes or black and milds, I recommend going to a tobacco shop and buying tobacco and rolling your own cigarettes or smoking a pipe. It still has nicotene, is still harsh on the lungs, but it’s relatively more healthy, and definitely cheaper than smoking cigarettes from a pack, or black and milds. You can get about 2 ounces of fine tobacco, about 200 cigarettes, for 7-8 dollars! That’s almost the price of one pack of 20 cigarettes, that are nowhere near the quality. Another dollar for a pack of rolling papers, and you can see that it’s a much more financially sound choice.

  • Its like smoking 5 cigarettes

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