is brundon a popular baby name?

13 Answers

  • Popular? No, but it's not bad. In fact, it's unique. I hear many Brandons and Brendans, however.

  • Most Popular Baby Names 1984

  • Wow, A LOT of trendy names on here with some um, interesting spellings.... Decent/nice names are: Clementine Willow (a bit too hippie for me personally, but cute) Sheldon Timothy Tyler Henry Eibhleann Francis Simon Edward Brody Ryan Garrett Daniel Justin Warren Breanna Esther Wyatt John

  • Brandon was one of the most popular baby names of 1984. In Night at the Museum 2, I think Brundon s real name was Brandon, but he was pronouncing his own name wrong, and then enforcing the mispronunciation. That was the joke.

  • Brendan and Brandon..but I've never heard of Brundon before, and don't much care for it.

  • Brandon is moderately popular. Brundon is unheard of.

  • Never heard Brundon before.

  • I've never heard it before this. So i guess not?

  • i dont think so... Did you get this from Night at the Museum 2...the security guard guy?

  • i dont think so... just the Jonah Hill s player name

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