Is College Algebra the same as Intermediate Algebra?

I am doing prereqs for nursing school and I'm required to take up to Intermediate Algebra. I've got 2 babys at home to take care of and am trying to take as many online prereqs as I can. I found an online College Algebra class, but will this count towards my intermediate algebra? Are they the same thing or is one higher math than the other? Help anyone

I was just wondering if one was a higher level of math than the other. The online university where I'm taking some other prereqs offers College Algebra, and I need Intermediate Algebra or higher for my degree. So I need to know if College Algebra is equal to or higher than Intermediate Algebra. Did that make sense?

This is the class. You don't have to take any prereqs for it but I would definitely take Intro to College Algebra to brush up on my skills.

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  • I just took a pre-req that was classified as "intermediate" algebra. At my school, intermediate algebra is considered "remedial" and doesn't count towards a degree but it does count towards your grade point average.

    Intermediate Algebra preps you for College Algebra (you most likely cannot take college algebra until you finish intermediate). It is just the basics of introductory algebra, so that you'll be ready for college algebra when you get there (it's not higher than college algebra). Make sure to talk to your advisor about this, it sounds like there is some confusion.

  • What Is Intermediate Algebra

  • They are not the same courses. Intermediate algebra is a pre-req for college algebra. You cant take college algebra if you havent already taken intermediate. College algebra is harder and it builds up on everything that was taught in intermediate. I took both classes and neither of them were extremely hard, but if you only need to take intermediate then skip the college algebra all together. It will make your life so much easier. But yes, intermediate is simpler and easier so I suggest you take that one which youll have to do anyway since you cant take college w/out intermediate.

  • Intermediate algebra covers concepts at a more simpler and slower process of sovling algebraic equations college algebra covers the same but at a faster tempo due to it eventually leading to precalc and or calculus

    It also is assigned to students based upon high school achievment in mathematics those with heavy math and science usually start at precalc and bypass algebra or if they took calc they take calc right away. But for those not with heavy math background or many years removed from when they graduated from HS usually go slow at first with intermediate algebra

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    No, intermediate algebra is a level below college algebra. I suggest looking at a few CLEP guides for the college algebra test before signing up for it - see what you covered and what you don't know.

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