Is driving therapeutic?

There are few things in the world that I enjoy like driving my car. At its core, driving is a utilitarian method of transportation, but for me, it's something more. In my car, it's just me. Myself, my machine, my coffee, my music. Destination unknown. I once attended a seminar on how the open road stimulates thought. Very true in my life. Its a safe place for me where I can explore my world and my mind. I have gained considerable appreciation for the manual gearbox, and I take pride in learning to master it. Please explain how driving is therapeutic for you!

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  • I hate that I had to give up my manual transmission. Driving a standard is the most fun way to drive. I couldn't care less about driving around town, but put me on an interstate running fast, and it's very relaxing to me. And I never use the cruise control. Part of the fun for me is controlling the speed myself.

  • It most certainly can be. I love my stick shift car and feel that a cruise around the city helps me sometimes.

    It can be a stressor for some people. There are some very anxious drivers out there.

  • it is. first time i drove it brought me out of my own little dazed world and into the people world. In my own dazed world it was harder to take verbal directions and to learn how to do skillful things with my hands by watching and listening once. i was accustomed to just sitting there and reading books about stuff and having my mind float away and reading things over and over again.(it's not like that when someone's teaching you). This tendecny of mine made me a little slower to speak my mind when it came to social situations. there is little tme for thinking when you drive

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