Is Earth4Energy A Scam?

I wanted to know before I buy Earth4Energy if it is a scam can I really slash my power bill by 80%? and I am not that great in the workshop is it easy to build your own windmill and solar power system?

Please help, thankyou.

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  • I was wondering the exact same thing and my searchings led me here. I would advise you to be very careful for a few reasons.

    1.) Any system that PROMISES you can cut down your electricity by a certain percent is a lie. Some people have electric bills that are 100 dollars a month and others may pay 500. How do the creators of this system know? They dont.

    2.) This is an e-book. Its not a kit of any type. All you get is a file on your computer with text and pictures telling you how to build things.

    3.) The internet already has TONS of completely free info about making your own wind turbines and solar systems, just check youtube or

    4.) Even if you do build the stuff earth4energy tells you about there is no guarantee your area has the same amount of sun/wind needed to provide 80% of your electrical needs

    5.) It is not very easy to build your own electrical systems and have them connected to your house and appliances. Electricity on that level can kill you, fry your appliances, start a fire, or all 3.

    6.) Be very wary of "review" sites that offer you a discount for buying it by clicking their links. They are almost always just fake good reviews that get money every time they send a buyer to the company's website.

    One homemade wind turbine will definitely not produce even 20% of the power you use, unless maybe you are living in a bachelor apartment by yourself and are very conservative with your power.

    However if you do decide to buy this please let me know. Myself and others would like to know how legit it is. Good luck, and seriously, be careful with the electrical stuff.

  • The brainchild of Michael Harvey, Earth 4 Energy claims to help lower your energy bills by showing you how to produce your own power source at home. Available for a one-off fee with a 60 day money-back guarantee, the package includes a step-by-step DVD/video series, a booklet, and 1 year’s email coaching. At present, a CD, a solar-sizing calculator and the ‘Make A Windmill’ program is offered as a bonus.

    What are people saying about it?

    Reviews from buyers surveyed were mostly positive; almost all were able to assemble the panels and reported some reduction in energy bills (average was around 30% although the product claims it can cut bills by up to 75%).

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    There was some skepticism as to whether one could produce a power-generating source for such a small amount of money, yet producing a homemade turbine with this capacity for less than $200 is not unrealistic (assuming you put the time in!).

    People found the instructions easy to follow; one reviewer compared the difficulty level to that of assembling IKEA furniture. We didn’t find any reviewers that had actually used the email support (a good sign perhaps), but it’s worth reiterating that this comes as standard with all purchases.

    There was no obvious preference amongst the reviews with regard to the solar or wind methods although it’d be safe to assume that producing a functioning solar panel would take more time and know-how than a wind turbine.

    BBB CHECK: At the time of this review, the company behind Earth 4 Energy had no outstanding complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

    On the negative side:

    Reviewers did mention that you must setup your power source in an area that attracts plenty of sunlight or wind. An obvious point perhaps, but worth bearing in mind.

    Given the scale of the operation, don’t expect to be selling energy back to the power companies. This product is for people looking to reduce energy costs only.

    This product is aimed at small to average sized family homes. If you live in a mansion it’s unlikely you’ll see the same % reductions reported by others without significantly scaling up your operation.

    Getting the most out of this program will require some time and patience. If you’re not willing to devote a few weekends to getting your panels up and running then this probably isn’t the product for you.


    Overall, buyers saw this is as a good value option vs. other products currently on the market. If you’re new to, or have limited experience with, renewable energy then this is not a bad investment to help get you started.

    Given that the information is delivered in such a compact and easily digestible manner – one could comfortably read through it and try out all of the methods within 60 days and still claim the money-back guarantee. But you didn’t read that here!

    If you’re still unsure or would like to learn more about the product

  • Hello

    I bought the earth 4 energy program before couple of days and just finished to go through all the material yesterday so unfortunately it is a bit too early for me to tell you if the plans inside really helped me or not.

    However, I must admit that so far the earth 4 energy package looks like a good investment. It seems that this course is very comprehensive and practical and I personally really love the way they desinged the video tutorials which makes it very easy to understand what you need to do during the building process and where to get the equipment.

    If you want you can contact me in the next few weeks and I will tell you more impressions about the earth 4 energy plans.

    Anyway, with the full money back guarantee that comes with the package I don't think that there is something to lose...

    PS, if you want to receive exclusive discount and to get the complete earth 4 energy course at a special price, then below is a link which I have discovered on other answer that you can use to buy the earth 4 energy course for the cheapest price on the internet.

    Hope that it helps you

  • This Site Might Help You.


    Is Earth4Energy A Scam?

    I wanted to know before I buy Earth4Energy if it is a scam can I really slash my power bill by 80%? and I am not that great in the workshop is it easy to build your own windmill and solar power system?

    Please help, thankyou.

  • SCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!!SCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!! I paid for this through their web sight and received nothing!!! No communication, No e-mail and no response from and through Paypal. No refund from PayPal nothing at all from this SCAM... As you go through the Web Site they try and get more money from you. I ran over the 20 days due to being busy during the holidays so I get no money back> I am out the money. They have no phone number to contact anyone.. My new rule is to make a phone number is available and that it is actually answered. Do not be a victim as I was... SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!

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  • Once you get older, the more you really understand the old saying. "If it to good to be true, it must be to good to be true."

    If you buy energy to heat and cool your house, that's just about as inexpensive as it can get, Switching to some other place to get your energy or anything (think insurance for example),a savings of more than 10% is wrong. Somewhere you will be paying. read the fine print, the things that get you a better price may include giving up your first born.

    I actually went to links and guess what, its all a scamm send money and they will tell you stuff that is in public proprety for FREE, FREE get it for free. But if you are lazy pay them. Otherwisw ask questions here on energy saving REAL things.

  • I agree with everything shadowbot has said here. The claims that are being made about this product is what is misleading the public. Earth4Energy will not help you save 80% on your electricity bill while spending less than $200. This claim is often made while marketing this product, but the guide itself is very clear that you will need multiple wind generators and/or solar panels to start cutting your electricity bill significantly. More realistic expectations would be that Earth4Energy can help you get started with renewable energy for your home for an initial investment of less than $200 or that Earth4Energy can help you reduce your electricity bill by 80% (after building a whole network of wind generators, solar panels, etc. usually gets left unsaid).

    Is Earth4Energy a scam? I don't think so and that's why I've been promoting the product. I think people are trying to find cheaper ways to power their homes while at the same time trying to lessen their impact on the environment and this product can help them get started. I've been in contact with the person who created Earth4Energy and his goal was to make a set of instructions that was more user friendly than what can currently be found on the web for free. I really don't know if he succeeded, because every testimonial I've seen for the product looks fake. I'll get back to you if I ever take the time to try to build one of these things myself.

    Here's a link to my website promoting Earth4Energy, if you've been wanting to get started with renewable energy for your home then check it out:

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