Is Egypt a good place to get plastic surgery?

I hear it's super duper cheap but what about the results?

Do you know of any good surgeons or surgeries there?

I cant find anything on the Internet!!

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  • Yes they are good , and I say good because the results look more natural than the ones in Lebanon,,,

    here are one

    (especially aging programs . liposuction, and others,)

    -but the best plastic sergeant in Egypt (nose job):

    Dr/Taher Ismael

    As you see both Drs, are even Fellow of Harvard Medical School

    Now ,,for treating accident results like burns and others ,, and others - those are real authorities

    Dr/ Mostafa Hemada


    @muffin:do you know how many women died because of plastic surgeries in Europe?

    as an example:

    besides, most of the doctors who are performing those surgeries are Turks, lebanese and surprising Egyptians and even chinese in Europe... now the difference,, with the same price of a no one chinese doctor,,, you can have an Egyptian university professor skills in Egypt,,,,

    here is a black list of dutch doctors who committed fraud/ did unnecessary operations (to make money) and caused death to a lot .... enjoy..

    they have not been arrested yet , because some law' gabs

    (so , there are bad ones

  • Plastic Surgery Egypt

  • Nah I don't think so. I did a paper about Plastic Surgery. If I were you I would go to Brazil or Lebanon. It's cheap, well expensive but cheaper than other places and the results are great.

    In California Dr.Rey is awesome but he's probably really expensive. He's on TV on DR.90210. He's just great. That man could do great things. Like the tummy tuck, lip collagen, silicon implants. He's just great lol.

    Edit: @Reem hahaha ya i did I even put some pics up. Look at the bride of wildenstein its disturbing lol.

  • Personally I wouldnt do it. I'd stick with the US and Europe just because they perform ALOT more plastic surgeries on a daily basis and have better experience. I have heard about an Egyptian actress dying while getting a procedure done.

  • [email protected]! You've done your research!!! Hahahaha....hey did you know that Iran is the country with the most plasstic surgery for noses??? Thats kinda disturbing haha

  • Egypt has good doctors in general, so yes there should be good plastic surgeons.

  • la2 bos..........enta hateegy isa bel salama, hatlaa2y kol 7aga tedrab te2leb zay ma ben2ool......... tawabeer el 3iesh zay ma heya, el setat elly 2a3deen bel ne3naa3 wel fegl ketrooo, el atfaal elly byesh7atto ketro gedaaaaaaaaaaan !!! :-s **bas bsara7a ya a7' Shalfat........aktar 7aga hatla2eeha zay ma heya , we yemken tekoon fe takkadom kamaan, at any place you cross, you can discover them "KEEN" & "ACTIVE" to do it(w dah tab3aan barakaat el 7okooma el "Mubarak"eya )...2alla w heya . . . . . .it is . . "dehaaaaaaaan (paintn') el kabaary wel arsseffa" !!!!! 😀 😀 2amoooooooot w a3raf, WHY R THEY THAT KEEN ???!!

  • yeah they have some good doctors. Go to Eg

  • I don't know , i never had one XD

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