is electrical tape toxic?

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  • ....Years ago it used to be Carcinogenic,but I believe it is not anymore,Iam talking 25yrs back so I would imagine its a lot healthier nowadays.

  • I certainly wouldn't recommend eating it (or chewing, licking, smoking or snorting it).

    Normally electrical tape is made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PVC emits an extremely toxic gas if burned. PVC has been banned, in many countries and states, from being used in things like toys or eating utensils because of the plasticizing agents which can leach out of the product.

    However, if you use it as intended by the manufacturer, it is safe.

  • There are no known carcinogens or toxins in the MSDS (material safety data sheet) but if burned it will release Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide like all other forms of vinyl and glues.

  • I guess it could be if you were burning a pile of it indoors. The tape is a type of plastic, and plastics are made with oil (28% of oil goes for plastics in US). But otherwise, no.

  • For using it for its intended purpose,of course not.

  • Depends...

    Are you melting it down and snorting it?

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