Is Green Stream Lending a scam?

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  • If it's a company you heard about through the Internet, particularly through an e-mail that you received, it's close to 100% certainty that it's a scam.

    The little bit I could find out about them makes it appear that they claim to do payday loans--which are designed to rip you off and get you into permanent debt through outrageously high interest rates.

  • Green Stream Lending is located on an Indian Reservation; therefore is a ‘sovereign nation’ and is not subject to American banking/credit regulations. As a result, what they do is not technically illegal even though it is morally criminal. I have immediate knowledge of their practices as my daughter fell prey to their tactics. They capitalize on the desperate and inexperienced consumer with many tricks. When you finally get them on the phone they are rude and happy to point out you agreed to their terms thus allowing them to take advantage of you. Here’s how it works: you agree to the loan over the phone with a representative walking you through web screens telling you what to click (this is the first consumer mistake as you are agreeing to all of their terms without understanding what they are). The representative led my daughter to believe the payments that would be bankdrafted out of her account were payments to the loan. It wasn’t until they had taken three bankdrafts which totaled more than her loan did she realize something wasn’t right. She called customer service and after a long wait they were rude to her and still never advised her how to fix this. That is when she finally asked for our help. Turns out she was supposed to access an account online and set up payments there. She never received an email or any written instruction how to access this account or what her user name and password are until we called. All communication from them is inside this account – a very tricky way to keep you confused about what is going on. Even inside her account we could not access a copy of the contract she agree to. What happens is once you take out your loan, even if you it pay it off in full the first payment you will be charged a $75 Service Fee plus Interest. Payments are due every two weeks. If you do not access your account (which you do not know you are supposed to) and set-up a payment to the loan, they consider the loan in “Roll Over” status, which means they keep taking the $75 Service Fee plus Interest every two weeks. None of these payments are to the principal of your loan so basically you are paying to keep paying. Crazy! My daughter took out a $150 loan and by the time we get it settled she will have paid over $700. Yes, she did something stupid and yes, that is exactly what these places are banking (literally) on. Please do not fall victim to Green Stream Lending!

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  • Definitely a scam. Do not turn to this place in a desperate time. They make it impossible to get a hold of them to pay off your loan so that they can keep taking a service fee "rolling over" your loan. If you can't get a hold of them you can not pay your loan off and they will continue going into your bank account and taking your money.

  • If its not, they provide THE WORST Customer service practices on earth. I applied May 20th and is still waiting for the request to be approved/disapprove. (May 30th). After being put on hold for more than 10 mns, 6 times before "talking" to Angelynn???, I have since DEMANDED THAT MY REQUEST BE cancelled, and my personal information DESTROYED!!. Their response - Its being reviewed?????

  • Worst service i have seen.

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