Is iron conductive????????

does iron conduct electricity

6 Answers

  • Of course. Its a metal!

  • Is Iron Conductive

  • Any conductor of electricity must provide some way for charge to move, thus it requires mobility of an electrical charge, such as an electron.

    Iron, like most metals, consists in the solid phase of a lattice of atoms that are bound together with a “cloud” of freely moving electrons in what is called the conduction energy band. The free moving electrons conduct electricity. When even the smallest voltage, or energy drop, across copper is applied, the electrons simply pass through the iron with very little resistance. Lack of electrical resistance is another way to think of conductivity.

    The answer is yes it does conduct energy.

  • Yes. All metals conduct electricity. The ability to conduct electricity is part of many useful definitions of metal.


    No, iron oxide does not conduct electricity. But rust can hold some moisture, and that moisture could possibly conduct some electricity.

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