Is it a usual or an usual ?

'A usual' sounds more correct but 'an usual' because u is a vowel?

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  • The correct article to use before a word beginning with a vowel depends on the SOUND of the vowel. 'Usual' is pronounced YOUSE-U-EL. Therefore, it starts with the sound of a consonant and takes 'A', not 'AN.'

  • Yes .. we all know that you say AN before a VOWEL and A before a CONSONANT .. but there are exceptions.

    It's actually to do with how the word SOUNDS as well.

    So it's A USUAL .. because it sounds like ''You'' at the start.

    But it would be AN UNUSUAL .. because then you have the vowel sound.

    It works the other way too.

    A HORSE but AN HOTEL (because of the O sound at the start of Hotel)

  • Usual (pronounced /ˈjuː.ʒu.əl/ as in you) begins with a consonant sound and, as such, it should be preceded by a not an.

    Today was an unusual day

  • A usual. The initial sound of "usual" is "yoo," so you don't need to write or say "an."

  • Words beginning with U always are preceded by an unless the U is pronounced like a y. For example a university but an undergraduate.

  • It's "an idiot."

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