Is it better to tan or wax first?

I am planning on going tanning and getting my face waxed tomorrow.

Is it a better idea to tan first, or have the waxing done.

I know when I tan I can shave easier, but I am worried about discoloration after waxing.

(BTW: I AM NOT looking to be told not to tan/wax because it isn't good for you).

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  • Definatly wax first if you want to keep your tan for longer. Just make sure you leave a little bit of time in between the two so your skin can heal. Waxing tends to irritate the skin, and make it vulnerable for the first couple of days. So you definatly dont want to irritate it even more or potentially increase the risk of cancer by hittin it with heat right away. I suggest about 3-4 days in between if your going with the fake tan. Hope that helps!

  • Tanning After Waxing

  • I Would Definitely Wax First Then Tan

  • get a good base tan first. Then wax. You will still have a tan after you wax because the tan is deeper by then. Go for another tanning session at least 4 hours or more to discourage irritation. I do it every year just prior to getting in a bikini. Works great.

  • Tan first then wax. You risk getting burned if you tan after you wax. You should wait at least 24 hours after waxing.

    Helpful hint: take an ibuprofen one hour before your waxing session. This will help with some of the pain and swelling.

  • If you wax first then you need to wait 4 hours before tanning because your skin is so sensitive after waxing

  • You have to wait 24 hours after tanning to wax. So go tan and then wax tomorrow! :0)

  • Wax

  • Tan first then wax. Waxing causes local skin irritation which would not be helped by UV exposure.

    BTW, damage from radiation exposure is cumulative over a lifetime. You seemed determined to tan, but I must needs remind you that melanoma is very deadly and basal cell carcinoma can be disfiguring ,especially on the face. Perhaps you need to consider a spray tan in lieu of actually tanning if you want that golden glow withou the risk?

  • Wax first and then tan; because if you tan first before waxing; the skin where your hair use to be will not be the same color as the rest of your tanned body.....I would suggest waxing first, where ever you want hair removed, remove it first.

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