Is it easy to recognize a fake ID???

Is it easy to spot a fake ID??? Can police men spot if its fake by just looking at it??? Or is there something they look for to see if its fake???

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  • It depends on how good a fake it is, some look really real and have the holograms and everything. Others look like crap and say your from a random state half way across the country

  • Some fake IDs are probably better than others, but with magnetic systems, holograms, etc. it's tougher to get by than in the past.

    Getting caught USING a fake ID is only half of the issue -

    you can also get into serious trouble getting caught TRYING TO BUY a fake ID. (And if you are caught, the police will want to know where the ID came from, so you will get others in very serious trouble as well.)

    The penalties are very severe these days (in some states it's a felony - meaning jail time.) - risking a felony conviction isn't worth it.

    It's not just police who are expert at spotting a fake ID - Today's club owners and employees are on the lookout for fakes - and for a good reason. They can get into some very serious legal trouble - possibly even lose their business license - if underage people are found in their establishment. They don't mess around.

    When I was young, it was a different situation. They were hit and miss about carding us - and they didn't check the ID's as strictly. Also, the cards themselves were simpler because computers weren't part of the general landscape.

    In those days, the worst thing that could happen was that the club owner would throw you out. I never had a fake ID, but borrowing an ID from an older sister, a cousin or a friend who looked similar was very common. If you did that nowadays, you'd risk getting both yourself and the person who lent you the ID in trouble as well.

    I hate to sound like a boring old lady - but I think your best bet is just to wait until your 21st birthday.

    It's not that I think going into a club underage is necessarily such a big deal - it's that the laws have become so strict that the consequences make it a big deal.

    P.S. - If there were a way to shave a few years off my age and add them to yours, I'd be happy to make the trade. In other words, as corny as it sounds, enjoy being so young - those years will pass quickly!

  • It depends on how great the fake ID is.

    Turn your ID over. Notice the big black strip on the back of it? They can run this into a computer kind of like swiping a credit card. This black stripe holds all of your personal info. If you have a fake ID it will probably be noticed.

    Most states also have something printed in the background of the ID. You can only see it if you move the ID around and the light hits it a certain way. A fake ID may not have that hidden print.

  • I work for a grocery store. Some are easy to spot and some arent. for a police men it might be easier for them to pick them out. the printing is different on it... like if you get on and compare it to a real id there is something that is on the real one that isnt on the fake one. i am not really sure what it is.

  • Depends on what state your from. I took a ATF course on spotting fake ID's and can spot a fake Texas ID in minute. We don't just look at the picture, we notice how the picture is taken and several other things that I will not mention on here. My suggestion to you..DON"T TRY IT!!!

  • it all depends on if the ID itself is fake. There are ways to tell, if there is tampering with the seal, if it looks like there's any flaws, or if the state seal is missing. I just used a real ID that wasn't mine though, instead of getting an actual fake.

  • Yes, especially when the picture is of a 24 year old, and you're 15! There is a special finish on a driver's license here in Fla. that can't be copied.

  • some are but there are some that are real good but there are way to find out

  • Yes if it has your avatar instead of you photo it's pretty much a dead give- away !

  • lol. i'm not telling you! but as a former prosecurter...i'll tell you that they spot them all the time!

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