Is it “has anyone” or “have anyone”?

I know "has" is singular and "have" is plural but I see some people use "has" or some people use "have".

Like for example,

have anyone seen that movie yet?


has anyone told you...

Thanks guys! It's all clear now. I was thinking "has" has to be the correct one.

Skibum- Great explanation!

Digital- Yeah, I see the pattern. It really helps!

Annmari and Guitar- helpful examples!

5 Answers

  • it's has. just because people say it both ways doesn't mean anything.

    has anyone seen that movie yet?

    have you seen that movie yet?

    has anyone told you?

    have you been told by anyone?

    see the pattern?

  • It is has because doesn't this sound kinda funny....

    "have anyone went to see Avatar yet?"

    now listen to this... "has anyone seen Avavtar yet?"

    "Has anyone had to take the test yet?"

    "Have you heard the song Hillbilly bone"

    "Have you ever played the games Fly like a bird 2?"

    It is Has. 🙂

    I hope this helps! 🙂

  • it's "has", because "anyone" refers to a single person rather than a group (which "have" would represent)

  • has anyone gone to the store?

    have you gone to the store?

    have they gone to the store?

  • It's 'Has'.

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