Is it illegal to drive in a car without airbags?

I am planning on purchasing a car that has a racing steering wheel without airbag in it. Is it illegal to drive in a car without airbags?

and is it safer to be in a car with 5 point harness without an airbag or a car with airbag with regular seat belt?


i live in PA by the way

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  • Auto manufactures must install airbags. The owner does not have to have them. Your insurance company may not like it. Good luck getting that medical coverage if you need it.

    4/5/6/7 point harnesses should only be used with a roll bar/roll cage.

    Reason#1 is --in the event of a rollover your body cannot slide out of the way--as it can with a 3 pt Factory harness.

    Reason #2

    You want to wrap the harness around the roll bar right behind your seat. The longer the strap ( if you get long ones and bolt to the floor/rear etc) is the straps will stretch in an impact.

    reason #3

    You do not want to mount the shoulder straps to the floor --the angle will be wrong and can result in additional injuries according to the belt manufacturers.

    Also --harnesses on the street are not all that "easy" to drive with --unless you like being tightly strapped into the seat ( forget changing the radio station. If you leave the belts loose--you defeat the safety of the harness--there is not a tensioner on the 4/5/6/7 pt harnesses.

  • It's supposedly illegal to remove or otherwise disable airbags and drive without them in a vehicle meant to be equipped with airbags. It's not illegal to have existing airbags deactivated as long as the DMV knows and you have permission from NHTSA. Also you must carry supplemental insurance to cover you and anybody in the car should you be injured in an accident where an airbag would have made a difference in your getting injured or the severity of your injuries.

  • If the car you are planning to buy was originally equipped with an air bag, then it has been illegally tampered with and you may not be able to register it. In most civilised countries the tamperer would face a hefty fine.

    Any combination of seat belt and airbag is better than only one type of restraint, but seat belt mounting points do have to be correctly located.

  • Old cars (pre-airbag) are legal without airbag. But all newer cars that originally came from the factory with airbag MUST have airbag.


    As for being better or worst with 5 point... the jury is out.

    Good Luck...

  • It is not illegal to drive a car without airbags. Some cars i drive didn't even come with air bags. If it was illegal to drive a car with no air bags, then you would see no classic cars on the road.

  • No it is not illegal to drive a car without an airbag.....

  • depends on the year

  • no

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