Is it illegal to sell contact lenses on Craigslist?

I got some from America's Best. My mom promised she'd get me colored after I ran out. Thinking smart, I figured I'd make a little money in the process and sell them to make a personal profit. The I just thought, "Can I get arrested?" O_O so is it illegal?

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  • I'm afraid so. It is highly illegal, even considered treason. A friend of mine once sold contact lenses on Craigslist and now lives an atrocious life in a supermax prison. He lives everyday of his life wishing he'd used ebay. Whenever i visit him, he smashes his head against the glass window between us, signaling to me his intense feelings of hatred towards the unjustice the world has served him.

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  • probably not because they're not abusable/a med. There might be something against selling the eye perscription itself lol. However contacts are custom processed and differ widely from person to person, so if it's not an exact fit to your buyer you could be responsible for damaging their eyes D: not anything legal thoughh.

    you may just want to call your eye doctor/contact dealer, I know my mom's place refunds unoƿє-ṅєd pods and whole boxes when you have a reason, and buys them for half when you don't. good luck!

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  • Ew, You can not sell them after you wore them.

  • I think it depends

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