Is it possible to extract multiple files at once?

Okay so I basically have a LONG HUGE folder of zipped/compressed files that all need to be extracted. It will take FOREVER to do them one by one! I have Windows XP.



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  • press Ctrl+a and then hold right click for all of them and drag them to the place u want to extract to and let right click

    a window should come up

    press extract here or extract to “folder name” the last one is better

    note: this works only with winrar u can download it from

  • You can zip a zipped file again… unless the software spots that it’s already zipped and prevents it (which depends on the software and what else is in the zip file you are making). Zip removes long strings of repeated characters and replaces them with a short code and also takes common ‘letters’ and packs them into less than a character. However when you try to zip an already zipped file, this has already been done so zip often finds there is nothing at all to compress on the second pass. Because of the control tables it builds in the zip, the second pass file might actually be bigger than the first pass file… which is why some software will refuse to compress a file twice… if the end file after zip #2 is bigger than the file after zip #1 then the second zip is worse than not doing it.

  • Hey,

    This is a good link for downloading Winrar for free

    The best choice to open (extract) zipped files is definitly WinRar. It’s able to decompress a lot of different files as zip,rar,iso,7z,jar and much more.


  • Here is a good link where you can download winrar for here:

    You can use winrar to decompress zip files and a bunch of other formats. Other good programs are 7zip and winzip but in my opinion winrar is the best one. Fuctionalities are pretty similar for all programs: basically you can decompress a file simply by right-clicking it and by choosing the destination folder.

    Winrar is available for free under a trial licence. The good thing is the trial period never ends so you can use it for free with no limitations.

    Winrar opens all formats like .zip, .rar, .7z, .iso, .tar, .jar etc. That’s why I recommend it.

  • Just use Total Commander (

    Select files and press Alt+F9 > Choose destiantion > OK

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