Is it possible to make wind so sharp that it can cut through flesh?

I have seen many shows / movies and read many books in which someone can "sharped" wind and make it so acute that it can cut through flesh. Is this possible or simply a myth?

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  • i am not sure exactly but if the air is concentrated like in a can and then realeased with a high amount of forcepressure then it is probable that a small cut would occur but i dont think a gaping wound or somehting big like taht would happen and regualr wind only knocks and blows stuff around it does not actually directly cut flesh however a object like a piece of metal in a very very strong wind (over 25 miles pre hour) will definietely hurt if not cut flesh

  • Wind is just a diffuse gas, while it cannot - to my knowledge "cut", like water , I imagine that under pressure and properly contained, compressed gas could "cut", at some structure, in the same way they cut metal sheets with pressurized streams of water "called water lasers" because of the precise cuts they make.

    Otherwise, this is not to say that air is harmless in all circumstances, there are two other areas where you should be concerned and take shelter - at the least.

    1. Anytime there is a large explosion there is something called "overpressure", this is a pressure wave expanding outward from the point of explosion. Nuclear weapons and other high-energy bombs cause devastating overpressure - which aside from the heat and radiation are the most damaging effects of the bomb.

    Overpressure of more than 2 or 3 atmospheres is dangerous to any exposed tissues, skin will "debrieve" - look it up I'm not explaining it, eyes can be jarred out of sockets and your lungs can be inverted or seriously damaged.

    Even minor overpressures 1-2 atmospheres, will cause your ear-drums to rupture.

    2. Hurricanes, theres a joke about a guy who has no fear of standing in 120 mile per hour wind. To which the reply is standing in the wind is not the big accomplishment - it's not the wind I'm afraid of - it's the stuff IN the wind that I'm worried about - anyone who gets involved in a tornado, knows the kind of hell that can wreak upon a home or a whole city.

    In the cartoon show "Avatar" , one of the characters can "bend" air, but only in combination with bending other elements like water, earth, fire, can these characters "cut" with air.

  • absolutely, if you suicidal take an air hose from a large compressor set the gauge at 100 + psi press the (non safety) nozzle to you skin and press the trigger. this is why they have side vents to relieve pressure when the tip is blocked. If you did this most likely it will cut you injecting air bubbles into your bloodstream stopping your heart. you'll find warning stickers on them saying this also.

  • Some people have passed some wind that almost blew off nearby noses.

  • well i would say perhaps natural wind maybe at very high speeds and pressures. however, it probably is possible for it to be made like that...

  • well, wind isn't really gonna "cut" you, but if it comes out of something that is concentrated blast, then it can rip or cut your skin

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