Is it rude to ƒᴀʀт when someone is crying during a family dinner?

My family was having a reunion and we had a big dinner and I was sitting next to an Aunt that I've only talked to like once in my whole life and she was talking about how she had an abortion and she started crying about it and it was really boring and I had to ƒᴀʀт so I let one out and it was nasty and smelt horrible and I made someone laugh and my Aunt went hysterical and my mom sent me to bed without dinner. Why would this be considered rude I don't understand?

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  • It was rude, but really dang funny. Your Aunt should not have been discussing abortions at the table. You definitely broke the mood. I think everyone was secretly glad you managed to change the subject.

  • Don't ƒᴀʀт at the dinner table, that is why you were punished. It is rude and nasty!

  • It is rude to ƒᴀʀт anywhere, anytime and any situation.

  • i think that's brilliant yo.. u gave me an idea for saturday dinner cant wait

  • It's not rude - it's comedy gold.

  • google

  • certainly changes the mood in the room

  • i hope you're joking because this made me laugh. lol.

    probably because it's rude to do something like that during a tender moment. o_O meanie pants

  • How dare she cry when you need to ƒᴀʀт! The sound of her crying could have covered the ƒᴀʀт, that wouldn't have been good. Next time someone needs to cry they should check first to see if anyone needs to ƒᴀʀт. Crying while someone ƒᴀʀтs during rude!

  • That family dinner puts the fun in "dysfunctional."

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