Is it safe to eat durian during pregnancy? I am 13 weeks pregnant now?

I am 13 weeks pregnant now and I was craving for durian. I bought it and before eating asked a friend and she told me its nor good to eat that fruit because it is a ''heat'' containing food and will cause miscarriage. Is it true??.....does durian have anything to do with miscarriages. Another friend of mine t ate it when she was 6 months pregnant and she is fine. I want to know wether durian is bad to eat at 13 weeks pregnant....Really scared to eat it after getting such news about durian. Pls no unwanted answers! needed...

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  • Yes, eating durian is very bad for pregnancies...I'm a hermaphrodite and I had been diagnosed as pregnant. I had a big craving for durian and started eating nonstop...when I got to my 87th, my baby slid out of my penis still hanging by my umbilical cord and died. I then concluded that durian causes unfeelale contractions that open your hole, allowing the baby to be very much loose. Do not eat durian.

  • It's fine, just don't eat too much. I've also heard of people saying no pineapples, mangoes, and papayas but I've eaten all of those as have all of my pregnant friends. It just seems like some people go out of their way to worry about every single thing that they eat. Enjoy your durian 🙂 Good luck

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    Traditionally feta cheese is made from unpasteurized goat's milk, but you should be fine IF you are eating feta made from pasteurized cow's milk. (Most of the stuff you get in the supermarket, like Athenos brand, is totally safe to eat during pregnancy.)

  • My mom purposely brought durians for my sister in law to eat twice during her pregnancy. Her reason is that durians are tonic food for pregnant women and the baby will be born fair and chubby. True enough, my baby niece was born with fair white porcelain skin just like a snowman. Her skin is as smooth as the surface of an egg. I'll grab my niece and kiss her chubby face whenever she visits my family.

  • Thats complete bullsh*t...go ahead and eat can see a list of things you shouldnt eat while pregnant at

  • Ask your doctor or search the web hunny

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