Is it true that Dasvedanya literally translates to “Go with God”?

I heard a long time ago that the Russian phrase for goodbye, or "until we meet again" literally translates, or at the very least, also means "Go with God."

Is this true?

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  • Do svidaniya! (duh svee-dah-nee-ye) literally means "Till (the next) meeting.

    Not Go with God.


  • With God In Russia

  • No. До свидания (do svidaniya) literally means "until meeting," in other words "until we meet again."

    До = until

    свидания (from свидание) = meeting, appointment, visit

    "God" in Russian is Бог (Bog), so this isn't "go with God". "До свидания" simply means "until we meet," no religious connotations. The implication is simply that you will see (meet or encounter) the person again sometime. You can also say "До скорого" (da skorogo), literally "until soon," in other words "see you soon."

  • No. "Do svidánija" (до свидания) means 'goodbye', but it means literally 'until appointment/date/visit'.

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  • So does "adios" (literally "to God").

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