Is Jason Kidd white or black?

15 Answers

  • He's mixed.

    Biracial. White and black.

    EDIT: @Bird. It doesn't make him black just because he is half black. I'm mixed, half-mexican and half black. It doesn't make me just black.

    I proudly represent both of my cultural backgrounds.

  • Yes,he is mixed black and white.He looked more white.It doesn't better.The guy can straight out play the game.

  • Half Hispanic

    Half Black

  • Both

  • Nick C. is the first one to get this correct.

    His father is African-American and his mother is Caucasian.

  • He's Mixed

  • white

  • he's mixed (black and white) his father was an african american and his mother was irish.

  • I always thought he was white but I now don't know

  • My mom and I got into a fight about this and we looked it up......he is black. Half black, actually but it still makes him black.

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