is kolenda kennels a good german sheperd dog breeder?

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  • My .02¢ is that Kolenda is a professional kennel breeding dogs that will simply win in the SV style show venue.

    If I were interested in a West German showline dog I'd be looking at breeders like:

    You would have to wait - Dee doesn't have a lot of litters!!

    I have heard good things about Heidi Theis but haven't seen video of her dogs work

    I have heard good things about Alta-Tollhaus

    And here is a "conversation" about Kolenda on a GSD board

  • This Site Might Help You.


    is kolenda kennels a good german sheperd dog breeder?

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  • Kolenda Kennels

  • I would like to tell you that I have bought two females from Kolenda Kennels and both dogs have excellent temperament, and is a great addition to my family. I have not had one issue with either dog health wise or obedience wise or being aggressive. In my opinion based on my dogs Kolenda Kennels is an a very good GSD breeder and would definitely suggest purchasing a dog from them.

    FLA Jim

  • After visiting their website: I say they look good, but personally, I would never buy a purebred dog that is not AKC registered. They import their dogs from Germany, and I don't want to imagine how much they charge for a puppy.

    I would go here: to find a GSD.

    Edit: Just to add about the "frog backed" bit: My dad bought a papered GSD from a neighbor when he was in high school, and that dog had a much straighter back than the pictures on the Kolenda site. Some of those dogs look so droopy that they are lucky to walk.

  • Hi,

    So where would you recommend getting a good working, solid temperament Western German Shepherd. I recently lost my German Shepherd and am struggling finding a good breeder who has the pink and blue papers. I am in upstate NY but will travel. Would really appreciate anyone's help.

    Thank you

  • No...they breed German Showline dogs...which are only slight better than American Showline dogs (which I don't even consider to be German Shepherds, I call them American Mutt-Shepherds).

    But if you like the big red saddle-backed elephants German Showlines call German Shepherd Dogs, who am I to try to change your mind!?! Showline dogs = good for running in circles and looking goofy and off balance.

    Working line German Shepherds = The only German opinion, my 2 cents, take it with a grain of salt, or leave it 🙂

    Source(s): I'm a professional GSD breeder/trainer (you can guess what line).
  • I'm not crazy about the number of dogs they have, or that they are not raised in the house, or that I don't see information about health testing beyond the hip scores - but other than that, they seem to take breeding very, very seriously. Definitely go visit them and look at the dogs personally, and ask about genetic testing. Their dogs are pretty : )

    EDIT: Listen to Curtis - he definitely knows what he's talking about, as he lives and breathes shepherds. : )

    EDIT: bXrlucy, I agree about the backs - I rather like their heads, I kinda just assumed you can't find any straight-backed shepherds anymore - well, more straight than the painfully low gait that we see now.

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  • Just from casting an eye over some of their pictures I can already see that they are "frog dogs" as we call them on the show circuit (we are very bᎥτçհy sometimes). I am not a fan of the banana backed dogs. I do not like the dogs they are breeding, the working type rather than show type are nicer looking

  • Yes..great Dogs, excellent example of the breed..I have 2 of them. I would advise to all the internet users, reserve judgement until you have been to the breeder.

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